Its time to run the tf file using the command. The critical thing you need to have in place is that the account you are using to do the deployment (be this user, service principal or managed identity) needs to have rights to both subscriptions to create whatever resources are required. A provider is responsible for creating resources on a cloud platform. Run the following command in Cloud Shell: terraform apply plan.out To verify the results within the Azure portal, browse to the new resource group. Prerequisite: I’m assuming you have atleast Owner permissions on an Azure Resource Group… Import. automation_account_name - (Required) The name of the automation account in which the Connection is created. resource "aws_instance" "iac_in_action" {ami = var.ami_id instance_type = var.instance_type availability_zone = var.availability_zone // dynamically retrieve SSH Key Name key_name = aws_key_pair.iac_in_action.key_name // dynamically set Security Group ID (firewall) vpc_security_group_ids = [] tags = {Name = "Terraform … NOTE: The Azure Service Management Provider has been superseded by the Azure Resource Manager Provider and is no longer being actively developed by HashiCorp employees. Thanks for reading my post. terraform import terraform_id azure_resource_id. Recently, we got a chance to work on an enterprise set up for Terraform from the ground up and build multiple orchestrations for resource deployment or management in Microsoft Azure. Terraform configuration file is the most important component. Do you really want to destroy all resources? azuredevops_ agent_ pool azuredevops_ agent_ queue azuredevops_ area_ permissions azuredevops_ azure_ git_ repository azuredevops_ branch_ policy_ auto ... azuredevops_ variable_ group … We will also specify Tags for our resource that although it is not mandatory, will allow us to improve the administration of our resources. Select the Role and click Assign access to Azure AD user, group, or application. And finally, if you want to delete the deployed resources, you should follow the next steps. Click the Azure resource you wish to modify, select Access control (IAM), and then click Add. Changing this forces a new resource … The configuration file allows us to link the resource identifier used by Terraform to the resource identifier used in Azure. This tutorial assumes that you already have a Microsoft Azure account configured. terraform is … You build Terraform templates in a human-readable format that create and configure Azure resources in a consistent, reproducible manner. To import a resource from AWS into Terraform, use the following command: terraform import .