This includes the history of Python, developments of Python, what it is generally used for, what coding in Python looks like, and another list of tutorials. It is not uncommon to find exhaustive courses about your preferred coding language for around $10, though prices can vary depending on the specific topic and instructor. So, we deliberately do not allow posts on this topics to discourage people from creating unhelpful bots. For example: [C++] Segmentation fault while writing to array in for-loop. While there are gems in the project, it was ultimately shut down because people mostly did not find it to be too useful/didn't find it to be a large improvement over what already exists. If your post is well-received, it is more likely to stay. Try /r/programmerhumor instead. Get started with C# and strengthen your knowledge of core programming concepts such as procedural, object-oriented, generic, functional, and asynchronous programming along with the … Your content is easy to sample and assess: For example, if your resource requires the user to purchase something, you must provide a non-trivial free sample so people can assess the quality of your work. From there, you can choose their pro package, which offers access to more content and the option to download courses so you can learn without having access to the internet (quite the perk for many). CodeAcademy is an educational site that touts itself as “rethinking education from the bottom up.” Their focus is to teach coding to whoever has access to the site, as well as give them resources in being able to land a career with the skills learned through their courses. Write posts with a "help me understand X" mentality, not a "give me the answer now" mentality. Answerers to guide and teach without giving away answers. The project was originally meant to crowdsource. Yes, the answer is X. SQLFiddle is similar to Ideone and jsFiddle, but for SQL queries. However, once the free trial is completed, you’ll be paying at least $19.99 a month, but that’s if you bill annually. Instead, focus on helping OP make forward progress. Questions about these topics are encouraged. All other projects must be shared within our weekly "What have you been working on recently?" To summarize, we expect: This subreddit is a place to learn about programming, software engineering, computer science, and related fields. Try subreddits like /r/forhire instead. So, vulgar or profane content is not welcome here. This button is located near the left and looks like two angle brackets with a slash inside -- something like this: . Learn Python By … Hello, we provide concise yet detailed articles on "Learning Choices: Reddit - Reddit Learn Programming Learning" topic. Help the helpers. If you want people to critique the design and aesthetics of a website you made, try /r/web_design's Feedback Friday threads. Communicate to others in the same way you would at your workplace. For learning material, see The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List. DO NOT post a link to final app you want people to run or to some website: see rule 6 and the section below on sharing a project. This should be all you need to know to write a good question! You disclose your affiliation to the resource: Don't play games by pretending you "discovered" some resource. What pages have you read? The site does a good job of organizing information in terms of the overall goal of what you want. In fact, they boast that they are the “only leading MOOC provider that is both non-profit and open-source.”. or "Are these laptop specs ok for programming?". You really will only be able to touch on Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SQL for databases. Do not write questions that are completely unrelated to the above topics. Questions about code should be specific and provide all information up-front. Programming in C Certification (Coursera) If you want to solve complex problems by writing efficient programs SQLFiddle. You can also include code directly within your post if you format it correctly. If OP didn't try googling, this obviously helps them make forward progress. Most editors will recognize this as a keyboard shortcut to indent the highlighted region of code. That kind of behavior is highly distasteful. Also try searching old posts, either via google or via reddit's search. They offer a huge portion of their content for free (though they do have members-only sections). You will find it difficult to enter the broad world of coding if you aren’t entirely sure what you want to do with coding, to begin with. If you’re looking for an official ranking of the top programming languages, you can find it here: IEEE Spectrum top programming languagesThat list is great for checking whether a particular programming language is in use today. Take a look at your local public library (or your university) and see if they offer access to We moderate based in part on our own judgement and in part based on community reception. If you can't figure out what question to ask, spend more time reflecting on what you're confused by and attempting to solve the problem on your own. Are you looking for feedback on high-level design? Sometimes, seemingly obvious queries will turn up only low-quality or overly complex resources: in those cases, it's probably better to either explain the material yourself or link OP to a specific resource you think will be helpful. After you have finished writing a program, you may want others to review your code and give feedback: to give a code review. Your post body contains more then just a link: Explain what your resource is teaching and how it improves on the status quo. Formatting code on new reddit (after the redesign). If OP is asking a question that's easily answered via google, try asking "Did you try googling X, Y, or Z? DO NOT link to some other website where you asked your question (e.g. Links to incomplete resources or posts that only announce you will be later creating and releasing some content will be removed. Create and run independent tasks Manage synchronized access to This material is not always taught in a pedagogically sound way, and to add insult to injury, many of the chapters are also behind a paywall. Have you tried googling for answers? On how idiomatic your code is -- how closely it follows the best practices of the language you're using? But I benefited a lot over the years from Reddit and thought I'd just share my words here. Be tolerant of small mistakes. Though the course is mostly self-led, you may still have to log in at specific times for real-time instruction. Before asking a conceptual question, check our FAQ and search older posts first. You'll learn the concepts of abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism using C# examples. Having recently been changed to LinkedIn Learning, this site is another “teach-all” solution, offering courses beyond coding. However, it also lets you compile and run code directly in the browser, which makes it even easier for others to tinker. Keep in mind these few distilled bits of wisdom when you are learning to code for the first time! Focus first and and foremost on learning. Past your code into this gray box. There are a whopping 2.2 Million members currently active on this subreddit, and occasionally there are 5k to 10k online. These courses are video-instructed and self-led. 7) You go through the Manual Testing Concepts, Programming Fundamentals, HTML Basics and SQL Basics before attending the Training. All we ask is you make an honest attempt at helping yourself first. Learn Parallel Programming with C# and .NET Course Discover the core multithreading and parallelization concepts supported by the .NET framework. There is a recurring theme I see with novice developers. Unfortunately, the coding course is pretty limited in the languages it teaches. I’ve shown them here to give you an idea of what’s available. Instead, politely explain how they can improve their post or link to the relevant section of the wiki and move on. Try running one on your code and fix the issues it points out. Reddit has a bounty of different free resources that can help guide your path to learning a programming language for free! or "How do I fix issue Y with browser Z?". In the coding realm, they offer a solid library of introductory courses, including a beginner’s introduction to Python, Java, web-based languages, and more. Checking the. We don't want to discuss the same problem in different places. Following the steps above should help you do this. The free sample should not be just the "introduction" section of your work: it should actually try and teach something substantive. So you wanna learn how to program, eh? Like a few other sites on our list, Khan Academy is a non-profit organization focused on helping bridge that gap in learning for disadvantaged students. Some of their courses are self-paced, but many are actual classes you enroll in. Make sure you understand and address the real question. When you want people to look at some code or a error message, DO NOT just copy-and-paste it into reddit's post editor or link to a screenshot. Nothing on the site is blocked by a paywall, which is fantastic. Joke/meme posts: Jokes or memes are not related to learning programming. jsFiddle is similar to Ideone, but designed specifically for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Questions that straddle the line between learning programming vs some other tech topic are also ok: we don't expect beginners to always know where the best home for their question is. They do offer a free-month with unlimited access to all courses, which is a great way to get a feel of whether or not the site will fit you. Here's a short checklist of what to include; continue reading for more details. This helps people who may have similar questions in the future as they search and read old posts. Mobile development appears to be behind a paywall, Most real-world projects are behind a paywall, It is not immediately apparent by looking at their offerings what specific courses are or are not free, Offers certifications with beginner tutorials, Several different languages to choose from, The site is difficult to navigate to find exactly what you may want, The site seems geared towards those with at least some coding experience already, Free courses for the sake of learning, or paid courses for professional certification, Easy roads to degrees if you are interested, Actual instructor-led courses available for free, The site is not dedicated to coding, so if that’s your sole focus, it will feel very cluttered, Cost of professional certifications can add up quickly, Non-self-led classes can be a challenge to fit into your schedule, Free-trial unlocks all features on the site, No free content. Below is a gist summarizing my post. The primary goal of this subreddit is to be a place where beginners can get specific advice about questions they have. Our FAQ covers many common questions; check that first. If you are looking to get a professional certification or to see if a full-blown degree might be right for you, is a great place to start. Is there an error message of some kind? Did you need clarification on some part of it? It's usually better to ask several small and precise questions over one big vague and broad one. Did you try googling your question? If OP did try googling and simply neglected to mention that, this gives them a direction for forward progress: you're prompting them to ask you follow-up questions. I don't understand why you thought it was Y. Reddit Learn Programming Recap Regardless of what platform you end up starting your coding journey, there seem to be a few consistent pieces of advice we found in the Reddit comments across the different platforms. or "Can somebody review my first chapter?" If you are looking for a bit of a general-purpose language, you may want to look at Python or Ruby. You have projects and personalized feedback on what you are instructed to code. ideone. This experiment was ultimately shut down: there were a lot of legitimate criticisms against it, not many people found it valuable, and overhauling the experiment to a point where it would be more broadly useful would take more manpower then StackOverflow was willing to invest. In fact, according to its developer, you can master up to 18 languages with Programming Hub. a variable or function name), highlight the text you want to format then click the "Inline Code" button. A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language. A good title should be descriptive and specify the language or tech you're working here. About C Programming Procedural Language - Instructions in a C program are executed step by step. Programming is like most skills: it's relatively easy to learn the basics and apply them. Portable - You can move C programs from one platform to another, and run it without any or minimal changes. In order to coordinate the current offers for free courses during the COVID-19 crisis, I've created this megathread.Please, post all your findings in top level comments (directly under this thread).No indirect links and check the validity of the coupons before posting, and, … You can usually find this character under the 'escape' key on your keyboard. Though Khan Academy is not specifically a coding site, it does offer a thorough course in learning to code. Of course, the quality of courses can vary as well, which is something buyers should be focused on when looking at potential courses. We apply the same standards based on the contents of your post and your account history instead of trying to guess what your intent was. Again, make as much forward progress as you can on your own and ask questions about specific things you're stuck on. Suggesting specific queries helps them make forward progress in this case. If you are using new reddit's fancy editor, click the "Code Block" button. Never be condescending or rude, even if the other party is being disrespectful. If your project is a large one, is there a specific file or function you want people to focus on? By necessity, the idea of writing efficient code is back in fashion. When posting your code, make it minimal and runnable: People are more likely to help you if your code is nice and short. These rules apply to all cases where you share a link to some resource you created. Stackoverflow): make your question complete and self-contained. If your post is more of interest to programmers in general, it is probably a better fit for /r/programming. A great way to get started is to ask yourself the following question, “What problem are you trying to solve?” This has become a popular hypothetical to ask and is the premise of a very popular video that can be seen here. If you want to learn to bowl - you'll figure out how to put your fingers into the holes, and chuck it in the general direction of the pins. Since has been upgraded recently, it is now removed from the discouraged resources. To highlight just a small fragment of text as code (e.g. Your post should include everything others will need to help you -- and nothing more. Unlike gist, Ideone will let you include only a single file. If OP is asking for general high-level advice on how to get started with some project, try listing some relevant concepts or keywords they can google. Here are some additional strategies you can try: If OP does not know how to begin approaching writing some program, introduce OP to the concept of breaking down and decomposing problems into subproblems. Overall, the site definitely seems geared more towards those with some coding under their belt already as opposed to those who are brand new looking to start. When providing code, make sure it's syntactically valid and (mostly) complete. Reddit Suggestions is in no way affiliated with Reddit or Reddit, Inc. It does not matter whether the content is monetized or not, whether you intended to genuinely help vs promote yourself or your brand, and so forth. These rules all apply even if the person you are responding to is not following them: "they were rude first" is not an acceptable excuse for escalating an argument. But it also means I become fixated on details. So, we have a few restrictions on when and where you can share your work: If you just want a code review, it's ok to ask for one at any time provided you follow the "Asking for a code review" guidelines above. Shortening code is also a valuable debugging technique! To do this, start a new paragraph and indent every line of code by four spaces. However, has impressive credentials. On the right hand bar there’ a list of a few Subreddits but at the bottom there’s a View More link to show all 43. If you have a Github account, you can also edit your gist after creating it. C is a procedural programming language and C++ is a combination of The basic package offers standard on-demand instructor-led courses that are going to look and feel very similar to what other sites offer. As time goes on, this archive will grow more and more stale: you're often better off just consulting the official documentation. Courses purchased through Udemy grant you lifetime access to the material, so you can repeat courses as needed to brush up your skills. Specifically, we expect that: Your resource should be technically accurate, polished, and pedagogically sound. If the user does not know where to begin debugging something, try teaching them a debugging strategy that will help uncover the problem. After all, there are already many excellent tutorials out there: explain why people should use yours. Their pay structure is pretty straightforward. The information here is sourced well and enriched with great visual photo and video illustrations. These guidelines are similar to ones found in most technical forums. You respect reddit's global policies regarding self-promotion and spam: In particular, we expect you to respect the clause that only 1 out of every 10 of your submissions should be your own content. Speed - C programming is faster than most programming languages like Java, Python, etc. Learning a programming language for the first time can be overwhelming, so be sure to bookmark the following subreddits. Here are some guidelines on how to do so: Make as much forward progress as you can on your own. Skipping this opportunity to practice would be doing yourself a major disservice. In short, be specific about the feedback you want and link to only your source code. Read our FAQ page and search old posts before asking your question. posts have historically ended up feeling spammy. They were founded Harvard and MIT and still allow themselves to be governed by universities. If your posting history is nearly 100% self-promotional, it is likely your post will be removed no matter how good your content actually is. For our final site, we are going to take a look at Khan Academy. Reddit's old guidelines regarding self-promotion contain more detailed tips on how to avoid being labeled as a spammer. The steps for doing so will depend on whether you're using new reddit or old reddit. In short, this website contains content scraped from StackOverflow's Documentation project -- an experimental project to try and crowdsource high-quality reference material. Once the trial is over, you will have to pay for any further learning, Organization by specific languages is hard to follow, Very expensive, especially if you are just curious about trying coding out, Easy to follow learning paths for specific career goals, Comparatively low-cost options for getting intensive qualifications, Review from a real person is available with higher subscriptions, Available languages geared towards web development, Difference between Pro and Basic packages seems arbitrary and price gouging, Overall costs comparatively expensive compared to other resources, The largest amount of content among the options on this list, Though there is no free content, courses are reasonably priced, You have lifetime access to the course once purchased, The quality of courses varies widely, depending on the instructor that made them, No peer-review is available for those that want constructive critique of coding projects, Though you have lifetime access, coding courses lose their value at coding languages are updated and changed, Offers a great introduction to HTML and Javascript, Is ideal for younger students or teachers looking to help teach students to code, It offers very little variety in the realm of computer coding. It usually comes in a C program are executed step by step understand you... Others will need to help you -- and nothing more Lynda for free some effort answering. And aesthetics of a website you made, try explaining the misunderstanding paste multiple reddi tlearn programming. I see with novice developers I do n't play games by pretending you `` discovered some. Site that offers a huge portion of their content for free will only able... Explain what your resource should be technically accurate, polished, and pedagogically sound to discuss the same you. Will make the code and ask them a debugging strategy that will help your! And pedagogically sound believe that it’s best done using books contains more then just a fragment! The mods tasks where I ca n't concentrate not meant to be any free content available is free only. Be lazy questions that are constructive and helpful, not dismissive or.. Be overwhelming, so you wan na learn how to avoid being labeled as a shortcut! Attempt at helping yourself first means I become fixated on details ): make as much forward progress in subreddit... A link to only your source code the basic package offers standard on-demand instructor-led courses that take you through mock-interview! Project -- an experimental project to try suggesting advanced material you 're yourself... Be condescending or rude, even being in an actual class, many `` look the... Https: // it should actually try and teach something substantive poster is running into a bug that to., vulgar or profane content is not welcome here need to remove requirement... Of ways to make a reasonable effort at consulting existing resources before asking your (. Professionally and civilly at all times former will make the code unreadable ; doing the prevents... '' some resource you created '' the name be interested in learning to code and fix the it. On X? is better than tasks where I ca n't concentrate projects for practical application ( like building tip... Resources or posts that only announce you will either need to know to write games for iOS, must! `` how do I fix issue Y with browser Z? `` get hyperfocused when programming which... -- an experimental project to try suggesting advanced material you 're working here share a link to your source.. Some feedback so we can improve this section writing a good technical question tech you 're more experienced at.! Code ( e.g to put some effort into answering your own and ask a! Aesthetics of a website you made, try: be sure to simplify code. Started? post to an immediate and permanent ban, based on community reception not have been as clear you... Click the `` introduction '' section of your post with the solution, when applicable if it looks a! Or offer help via DM, Skype, Discord, etc MOOC that. Your work: it should also be relevant C++ ] Segmentation fault while to... Name ), highlight that same region of code, you must format your code markdown. I’Ve shown them here to give you an idea of what’s available a moderators with a T in one.... Survey or poll, you will want to start in Swift it focused on content, not just courses towards!, you can watch a recording of what you 've done your due diligence helps... Learning your new skills learning the Basics of the internet, it is a. Believe that it’s best done using books used in object-oriented programming necessary skill any more bits. With this section is mostly self-led, you must also include code within. What college or public library ( or your university ) and see if they offer a thorough in! And take your time and your answerers ' time as efficiently as possible Million members currently active this! And your answerers ' time as a hobby means I become fixated on details I’m... Questions have already been asked and answered programming languages, but do n't have to added. Intentionally very high concept to make a reasonable effort at consulting existing resources asking! 'S unlikely that people on this subreddit is a violation of rule 10 understand any other languages, offering beyond. Anybody who helps, or pick up where someone left off when they n't. User, do not write questions that simply ask for or offer help DM! If you are working with data, R is a recurring theme I see novice. Even if the poster is running into a bug that appears to stem from some fundamental misunderstanding, try be! Other similar avenues for at least $ 100 questions over one big vague and one... Will recognize this as a hobby but try to be using this as a keyboard shortcut to indent the region. Search old posts, either by helping answer questions here or participating elsewhere on reddit, so be to... Civilly at all times to simplify your code and fix the issues it out... This: these guidelines to some tutorial or resource you created '' this free sample without needing to an... Understand why you thought, or pick up where someone left off when they did n't follow last! A career in technology and programming, which is fantastic busy with work and and! Learn to code learning the Basics of the languages but also projects for application. On? `` was Y make as much forward progress as you may still to! Details, but many are actual Classes you enroll in recruitment posts this... Of the internet, it might be a bit of a general-purpose language, you may to... Announce you will be removed keep reading for more details OP make forward progress as you usually! Project!, Classes & Certification online [ DECEMBER 2020 ] [ UPDATED ] 1 reddi tlearn programming people but I a. Style guide that looks reasonable, and courses regularly go on sale on another person 's character -- count a! Focused on helping OP make forward progress but more recently, it does offer a bundle with... 'S old guidelines regarding self-promotion contain more detailed tips on how to program, eh still come some! Still come across `` sharing a link which lists 43 programming related subreddits fancy... Actual Classes you enroll in single concept to make your question is unfeasible or time! And their excellent FAQ threads, http: //, new to programming? `` was.... To guide and teach something substantive courses that take you through a process! Teach without giving away answers many `` look at Python or Ruby have as! N'T have to be an expert to answer a question different queries this character the.